Alshaya brands recognised for great customer service

Two brands operated by retail franchise operator M.H. Alshaya, Starbucks and Babel, have been recognised for their commitment to providing world-class customer service in Kuwait’s Public Relations Association’s annual awards.

The awards, under the patronage of HH the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al Ahmad Al Jaber Al Sabah, saw Starbucks win awards for ‘Excellence in Customer Service’, for best practices in providing customer service in the café category; and ‘Excellence in Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility’. Babel won an award for ‘Excellence in Website Services.’ The awards highlight the brands’ ability to follow up on customer feedback in a quick and effective way.

Alshaya brands recognised at in Kuwait’s Public Relations Association’s annual awards

An Alshaya representative received the award from Her Excellency Hind Al-Sabih, Minister of Social Affairs and Labour and Minister of State for Economic Affairs, at a ceremony also attended by Sheikh Khalid Al Abdullah Al Sabah, Head of Amiri Protocols, and Jamal Al Nasrullah, Head of Kuwait’s Public Relations Association.

Kuwait’s Public Relations Association aims to recognise excellent customer service across the public and private sectors.

Alshaya brands recognised at in Kuwait’s Public Relations Association’s annual awards

Mona Dabbah, Alshaya’s Customer Service Director, said: “We’re proud and delighted that our efforts to put our customer at the heart of our business have been recognised in this way. Our culture at Alshaya is built on listening to our customers and ensuring their satisfaction. Delivering the highest levels of customer service at every touchpoint is our top priority.”

Alshaya operates more than 3,900 stores for nearly 90 of the world’s best-known and best-loved brands, including Starbucks, H&M, Mothercare, Debenhams, The Cheesecake Factory, Victoria’s Secret, and Boots, and Pottery Barn across the Middle East, North Africa, Russia, Turkey and Europe. The company’s Contact Centre manages a broader customer service offering that builds connections with the customers of all the brands that the company operates, 365 days a year.[...]

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افتتاح أول فرع لمطعم "كافيه كوكو" في قطر في دوحة فستيفال سيتي

أعلن "كافيه كوكو"، الذي يجمع بين مفهومي المطعم والباتيسيري تحت سقفٍ واحد، عن افتتاح أول فرع له في قطر في دوحة فستيفال سيتي، وهو أيضاً أول فرع لعلامة "كافيه كوكو" خارج الكويت.

ويتميز المطعم بقائمته المتنوعة التي تقدم للزبائن أشهى أنواع الأطعمة المحضرة بشغف وابتكار، إلى جانب تصميم المطعم الفريد وديكوره الداخلي المميز والذي يمنح الزبائن أجواءً دافئة وتجربةَ لا مثيل لها. ويعكس مفهوم "كافيه كوكو" العصري الأجواء الأوروبية الرائعة، مع إضافة بعض اللمسات والنكهات الخاصة التي يتم إعدادها خصيصاً للذواقة في قطر ليقدم لزبائنه تشكيلة متنوعة من الأطباق الشهية طوال اليوم.

Café Coco Launches in Doha Festival City

وبمناسبة افتتاح أول فرع للمطعم في قطر، قال مايكل مارلي، نائب رئيس قسم المطاعم في شركة الشايع: "يمتاز مطعم "كافيه كوكو" بمفهومه الراقي المستوحى من الأجواء الباريسية الرائعة. كما يحرص على أن يوفر للزبائن أطباقاً متنوعة من المطبخين الفرنسي والإيطالي مع لمسة من النكهات القطرية التقليدية أيضاً. إن كل زيارة إلى "كافيه كوكو" هي بمثابة تجربة جديدة للاستمتاع بألذ الأطباق وأشهى المأكولات".

وأضاف: "نحن نولي كامل اهتمامنا لكل التفاصيل الصغيرة والكبيرة لضمان تقديم أفضل خدمة للزبائن منذ لحظة دخولهم وحتى مغادرتهم بعد الاستمتاع بمختلف الأطباق العالمية الطازجة والمحضرة من مكونات عالية الجودة بأيدي أمهر الطهاة العالميين".

cafecocoqtr 01

“وتضم قائمة "كافيه كوكو" مجموعة غنية من المأكولات الشهية والتي تتضمن طبق البيض المسلوق مع اللبنة والكرنب، وهذا الطبق يجمع بين الإفطار التقليدي مع بعض اللمسات من النكهات الشرقية. كما تشمل القائمة بيض البنيديكت المحضر على الطريقة الإيطالية، وكرواسان اللبنة مع الزيتون، وسلايدرز اللحم البقري مع صلصة الباربيكيو وتشكيلة من الحلويات اللذيذة كرقائق الشوكولاتة المخبوزة في الفرن.

يستقبلكم "كافيه كوكو" في فرعه الجديد في دوحة فستيفال سيتي والذي يقع بين محلي اتش آند ام وبوتري بارن، من الساعة 9 صباحاً حتى 11 مساءً طيلة أيام الأسبوع. ومن الساعة 9 صباحاً حتى 12 منتصف الليل خلال عطلة نهاية الأسبوع.


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Café Coco Launches in Doha Festival City

Café Coco, the innovative French-Italian dining restaurant, has opened its first store outside Kuwait at Qatar’s largest shopping destination, Doha Festival City. Café Coco was developed exclusively by international retail franchise operator M.H. Alshaya, with its first store at the Grand Avenue in The Avenues, Kuwait.

Café Coco offers a contemporary and trendy twist on European café culture, with an innovative and creative menu that allows customers to experience the tastes of Paris and Rome with hints of familiar local flavours.

Café Coco Launches in Doha Festival City

Ian Toal, President of the Food Division - Alshaya, said: “Every visit to Café Coco is the start of something special and an adventure through tastes, sensations and imagination. We want customers to join us on a journey of discovery, creating memorable moments. Every little detail is crafted to ensure that each customer who walks in, leaves with an indulgent and memorable experience. Our team of highly-trained international chefs take great pride in ensuring that each dish is created with an element of innovation that is on par with global trends and freshly made with high-quality ingredients.”

Café Coco’s menu is full of innovative dishes like the Poached Eggs with Labneh and Kale, which combines a traditional breakfast item with a Middle Eastern twist and a trending superfood. Other favourites on the menu include the Italian Style Eggs Benedict, the Labneh and Olive Croissant, the BBQ Beef Sliders and the all-time sweet favourite, the oven-baked Chocolate Chip Cookie.

cafecocoqtr 01

“We are all about indulgence deserved. We want you to walk in and relish each mouthful of our freshly-baked desserts, bakery selection and range of coffee choices. We have taken the liberty to pair a few of our signature coffees and desserts such as the San-Luis and Raigode Espresso with oven-warm Nutella Cruffins,” adds Ian.

Located at Doha Festival City, between H&M and Pottery Barn, Café Coco is open from 9am to 11pm on weekdays and from 9am to 12 midnight on weekends.[...]

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Denim for all at H&M with Suki Waterhouse, Anaïs Gallagher and Adonis Bosso

This spring, wear denim your own way, with new attitude for everyone’s favourite fabric - only at H&M. It’s about denim for all, with fresh silhouettes, coloured denim and a new passion for double denim looks. The mood is captured in the brand new global campaign that highlights the diversity of denim at H&M this season. Starring actress and model Suki Waterhouse, alongside Anaïs Gallagher and Adonis Bosso, the campaign features music by Suki herself herself.

“Denim is like a blank canvas on which we can express ourselves every single day. It’s like the wardrobe of my life and there are so many different ways to wear denim. It gives you fresh ideas for expressing your personal style,” says Suki Waterhouse.

H&M Denim Collection 2018

“At H&M, we believe denim is for everybody. This spring is all about wearing denim your own way, with fresh cuts and colours for all. And we’re in love with double denim,” says Pernilla Wohlfahrt, H&M’s Head of Design.

For women there are so many new denim suggestions this spring. For a new twist, think about colour, the blush pink and yellow denim jackets and boyfriend jeans look fresh styled together, while a long reworked denim skirt have a well-loved feel and stitch details for extra edge. Wide denim pants are held by a tied denim belt, while blue jeans have the perfect fades and tears. Meanwhile blue denim jackets are embellished with patches and embroidery and oversized white denim jackets are decorated with pearls.

H&M Denim Collection 2018

For men, it’s about the perfect denim jacket and jeans, whether it’s distressed or in the cleanest denim. Denim for teenage girls gets playful, with patchwork denim jackets, denim slip dresses cut from two contrasting cloths, and high-waisted jeans. For kids, there’s all the faded styles to explore the full denim look.[...]

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Popular Alshaya restaurants win Zomato User’s Choice Awards

Two of Alshaya’s restaurants, The Cheesecake Factory and P.F. Chang’s, have been named among Dubai and Abu Dhabi’s favourite restaurants in Zomato’s Users Choice Awards, which are decided entirely on votes by the public.

The Cheesecake Factory won awards for Best Cheesecake in Dubai and Restaurant of the Year Casual Dine in Abu Dhabi, while P.F. Chang’s was awarded the Best Pan-Asian Casual Dine in Abu Dhabi at the recent Emirates NBD – Bon Appetit’ Zomato User’s Choice Awards.

Zomato’s Users Choice Awards

Zomato, the global food discovery and UAE’s leading online food ordering platform, provides in-depth restaurant information for over 1.4 million restaurants across 24 countries. Nominations for the awards were based on Zomato user ratings and reviews, and consumers then voted for their favourite restaurants across various categories.

Guests loved The Cheesecake Factory’s extensive menu, distinctive décor and a mouth-watering choice of more than 30 signature cheesecakes and desserts. P.F. Chang’s won favour for expressing a perfect balance between the Asian tradition and modern American style while maintaining its focus on guest comfort, warm hospitality and attentive, personable service.

Zomato’s Users Choice Awards

“Eye-catching décor, lively ambiance, warm hospitality, and providing a truly memorable dining experience to our guests are synonymous with our food brands, wherever we operate,” said Ian Toal, President of Alshaya’s Food Division. “Winning the Zomato User’s Choice Awards is a testament to the passion and dedication of our great teams.”

Alshaya offers customers a choice of more than 25 food brands across the Middle East – including Starbucks, The Cheesecake Factory, P.F. Chang’s, Shake Shack, IHOP, Babel, Raising Cane’s and Pizza Express.[...]

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Alshaya restaurants scoop 18 awards at HORECA

Restaurants operated by M.H. Alshaya Co. – including Asha’s, Dean & Deluca, IHOP and Bouchon Bakery – helped themselves to 18 awards at Kuwait’s leading food and beverage competition, Hotel, Restaurant and Catering Awards (HORECA), last week.

Asha’s signature flair won them one gold, two silver and five bronze medals in the Asian and Mystery Basket categories, while first-time entrants IHOP won a gold medal in fresh pasta category. Dean & Deluca collected silver in the traditional Kuwaiti dish category, along with four bronze medals. Presenting an array of freshly baked goods, first-time participants Bouchon Bakery won four bronze medals in various categories, including bread creation, morning goods, best eclairs and themed celebration cake.

Alshaya restaurants win 18 awards at HORECA 2018

In all, more than 300 chefs from some of Kuwait’s best-known restaurants participated across 17 categories. They were judged by a jury comprising 12 international cooking experts, including Head of the World Association of Chef Societies (WACS) Chef Thomas Gugler, former Le Notre’s head chef Samaan Hilal (the head of the largest culinary and restaurants advisory company in the region), TV cooking show presenter Chef Maroun Chedid, and the ambassador of the French Academy in the Middle East, Chef Charles Azar.

“The awards are a testimony to our teams’ passion and commitment to culinary excellence, and their dedication to providing a memorable dining experience to our guests,” said Ian Toal, President of Alshaya’s Food Division. “Awards like these are also testimony to our commitment to promoting the advancement of the culinary arts and the development of culinary professionals in the industry.”

Alshaya restaurants win 18 awards at HORECA 2018

Alshaya offers customers a choice of more than 25 food brands across the Middle East – including Starbucks, The Cheesecake Factory, P.F. Chang’s, Shake Shack, IHOP, Babel, Raising Cane’s and Pizza Express.[...]

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Spontini announces ME expansion with Alshaya

Spontini, the rapidly-growing Milan-based pizzeria known for its simplicity and high-quality Italian ingredients, has signed an agreement with international retail franchise operator M.H. Alshaya Co. to open restaurants across the Middle East and North Africa region.

Spontini, the rapidly-growing Milan-based pizzeria known for its simplicity and high-quality Italian ingredients, has signed an agreement with international retail franchise operator M.H. Alshaya Co. to open restaurants across the Middle East and North Africa region.

Spontini signs agreement with Alshaya

“I’m proud that we’ll be able to offer diners in the MENA region a handmade pizza that will be prepared every day using the same recipe Spontini has been using since 1953, with the same Italian ingredients we use in our stores in Milan. It’s a pleasure to work with a partner that shares our vision and wants to offer our customers the same experience that they would experience in our Italian stores,” said Massimo Innocenti, Spontini executive chairman and founder of the brand.

Spontini started life in 1953 under the name of ‘Cibi Cotti’, characterised by simple and inexpensive dishes from Tuscany’s traditional cuisine. It soon introduced the now-typical slice of pizza, officially becoming ‘Spontini’, from the name of the street in which the original store is located. The recipe for the classic Spontini pizza has barely changed since then, offering an unmatched Italian taste experience.

Spontini signs agreement with Alshaya

Alshaya is a franchise operator for more than 80 world-leading brands, including Starbucks, Shake Shack, The Cheesecake Factory, P.F. Chang’s, Victoria’s Secret, Pottery Barn, H & M and Mothercare. The company operates more than 3,500 stores across the Middle East, North Africa, Russia Turkey and Europe, and employs more than 50,000 people.

“We think Spontini will offer something unique and authentic to our discerning customer base,” said Mohammed Alshaya, Executive Chairman of M.H. Alshaya Co. “With its simple approach to handmade, quality pizza, and a strong sense of heritage and tradition, it will be an exciting addition to our portfolio of world-leading food brands.”[...]

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Enjoy all things Southern at Texas Roadhouse – now open at The Avenues - Bahrain

Texas Roadhouse, the popular award-winning American steakhouse chain, officially opened its doors to steak lovers in the Kingdom of Bahrain, at the stunning new retail and entertainment destination, The Avenues - Bahrain.

The grand opening was attended by Peter Scodellaro – Business Director, Texas Roadhouse and Alexandra Molt – Brand Training Manager, along with members of the Bahrain media and influencers who were hosted to a unique style dining experience.

Texas Roadhouse debuts The Avenues - Bahrain

The much anticipated opening of this famous restaurant offers people in Bahrain the opportunity to experience the Legendary Food and Legendary Service that has become synonymous with the name Texas Roadhouse.

“We are delighted to bring Texas Roadhouse to Bahrain. We have been working for more than a year behind the scenes to ensure that all the ingredients are up to the standard of the other 550+ Texas Roadhouse locations in the US and Middle East. Our beef is imported by us, direct from the US so that we can be 100% sure of the quality and taste of every steak and burger. All our staff were trained in Bahrain by genuine “Roadies” from the US. We want to ensure that our guests in Bahrain have a genuine Texas Roadhouse experience each and every time they visit us and we do this with Legendary Food and Legendary Service,” said Peter Scodellaro – Business Director, Texas Roadhouse.

Seating over 260 diners both within the restaurant and at the patio, the new waterfront location, after Dubai, reflects a more sophisticated look and feel to the overall Texas Roadhouse design package.

texasroadhouse bah 01

With hand-cut steaks that are 100% Halal and made-to order, to their made-from-scratch sides, you know you’re about to experience a meal you won’t forget. The ambiance at Texas Roadhouse boasts of southern fare – completely country from the music to the staff’s entertaining line dancing routines every hour, on the hour, inside and outside.

At Texas Roadhouse, free in-shell peanuts are served at every table and guests can enjoy endless baskets of freshly-baked bread served with a pot of silky cinnamon butter, ready to spread and melt in your mouth.

The menu features a wide selection of appetizers, fresh salads and soups, and signature ‘Fall-Off-The-Bone’ beef ribs. Steak lovers have several options, including the most flavorful ‘Bone-in Ribeye steak’, steak Kebab and Beef Brisket along with delicious attractions like fried pickles, mashed potatoes and combo appetizers. Texas Roadhouse desserts are as popular as other meals. The Big ol’ Brownie and Pistachio caramel Crunch are one's you'll surely want to devour.[...]

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COS X Studio Swine to Stage New Spring During Design Miami/ 2017

This December, COS x Studio Swine’s blossoming sculpture will come to Miami Beach, during Design Miami.

New Spring, Miami, will be the first stop for the exhibition following its celebrated debut during Salone del Mobile in Milan. The installation, which won the award for Most Engaging Exhibition during Milan Design Week, grew from an open brief from COS, and exemplifies the Studio’s interdisciplinary sensibility.

The Miami edition will be an official Satellite of the design fair and will be reconceived to a greater scale, in a bright, light-filled environment designed by Studio Swine, housed in a historic art deco building.

COS X Studio Swine

Studio Swine, which is an artistic collaboration between Japanese Architect Azusa Murakami and British Artist Alexander Groves, designed the installation around a focal sculpture that emits mist-filled blossoms that burst and evaporate on contact with skin, but that live on momentarily when met with textured fabrics.

On recreating the installation in a vibrant Miami context, the collaborators said, “When creating a work like this, one can only hope it lives on and reaches new audiences. We are looking forward to sharing it with the people of Miami, and are energized by the inspiration the city and its remarkable style has given us in staging this next edition.”

The installation’s first iteration drew upon the natural and the industrial, while making minimal use of resources to create an immersive multi-sensory experience. The sculpture will be repurposed and added to, while the exhibition’s interior will take on an entirely different approach.

Karin Gustafsson, Creative Director of COS, said of the plans “New Spring, Miami, to me symbolizes exactly what we aim to do with our artist collaborations at COS: create work that reaches as many people as possible and ignites long-lasting partnerships. Alex and Azusa are such wonderful talents, we are so pleased to take this project to Miami Beach.”

“Design Miami/ is thrilled to partner with COS for our 2017 show,” said Rodman Primack, Chief Creative Officer of Design Miami/. “Experiencing COS and Studio Swine’s New Spring installation at Milan Design Week was especially meaningful for Design Miami/ as Studio Swine were selected by us as 2015 Designers of the Future. Collaborating with a thoughtful brand like COS who continues to support new and emerging talent in innovative ways is extremely satisfying and we all look forward to bringing this energy and vision to the fair with Studio Swine’s multi-sensory, interactive offering for all design enthusiasts to enjoy in Miami.”[...]

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400 Gradi launches its handcrafted Italian cuisine in the Middle East

Award-winning Australian chef Johnny Di Francesco has debuted his 400 Gradi Italian restaurant brand in the Middle East with the opening of the first restaurant at The Avenues Bahrain, in partnership with international retail franchise operator M.H. Alshaya Co.

400gradi Johnny Di Francesco

The opening of the first 400 Gradi restaurant outside Australia was celebrated by Mr. Domenico Bellato, Italy's Ambassador to Bahrain; Ian Toal, the President of Alshaya's Food Division; Nigel Doughty, the Vice President of Food Retail at Alshaya; and chef Di Francesco, the founder of 400 Gradi.

400 Gradi is a Naples-inspired Italian restaurant that was created by chef Di Francesco, the first Australian ever trained in Naples to the Associazione Verace (AVPN) and President of AVPN Australia. It offers a wide variety of deliciously handcrafted Italian cuisine, using the finest Italian ingredients to give guests the most complete Neapolitan experience outside of Naples.

400gradi Ribbon Cutting Bahrain

In 2014, chef Di Francesco was named the 'world's best pizza maker' during the World Championships in Italy for his authentic Napoletana-style pizza, which is cooked for only 90 seconds at a temperature of 400 degrees - hence the name 400 Gradi.

Along with this Napoletana-style pizza, the restaurant offers an array of freshly cooked traditional Italian dishes, including its famous handmade gnocchi, succulent lamb and pistachio cutlets, traditional artisan Italian gelato and delicious desserts.

Commenting on the new partnership, chef Di Francesco said: "This is a groundbreaking milestone for the Gradi Group. Expanding to the Middle East is an exciting step forward, especially with Alshaya, who are a pioneer in franchising international brands. We are delighted with this partnership and we look forward welcoming guests to enjoy the ultimate Italian dining experience."

400 Gradi plans to expand to Kuwait, Dubai and other strategic locations in the GCC.

400gradi Restaurant Interior

For more exciting news, follow 400 Gradi on Facebook and Instagram @400GradiME or call them on 17110616.[...]

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